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.Duffle Bag

Duffle Bag

My Duffle Bag


Getting that first win for a wide eye entrepreneur can be quite the task.  You become consumed with the process, late days and even later nights becomes your routine. You begin to get excited when you think success is at your fingertips, you can feel the tingly sensation, only to

.Healing from within

Healing from within

The best relationship to uncover is the relationship with yourself, to truly benefit from life’s gifts and treasures. In life, we tend to look outwards when it comes to blame and accountability for ones actions and lack there of. In todays society, it is easier to blame politics and race relations for

.Have you tried sleeping with a broken heart?

Have you tried sleeping with a broken heart?

A fragile heart knows when love no longer lives next door.  It feels the pain of the lonely, and the forgotten souls.  The naked heart is dressed up to camouflage the hurt that others have caused so that no one will ever know.  You have mastered how to smile while your heart bleeds for mercy.  How could it be that the story line you created in your head did not go as planned? Leaving you with letters that when put together does not equal a complete sentence of the status of y

.Burn baby burn

Burn baby burn

I once heard that a good friend is better than a pocket full of money, maybe it depends on how much money. The bond between sisterhood goes beyond a group of girls dressed up in high heels wearing red lipsticks.  It is a bond of truth, honesty, respect, and hopefully selflessness.  There is an abundance of calm being around girlfriends that offer laughter, truth, and shared hardship.  You see your fight in them, the struggle, insecurities, strength, and passion.  Some frie

.What my ancestors wanted me to know

What my ancestors wanted me to know

Lately, I have been thinking about histories past and the injustice that was done to my ancestors.  It is so easy to get caught up in our own discomfort of change, to do-list, and life’s irksome obligations.  I stopped in the midst of my temporary exhaustion, and wondered about my ancestors that were in the fi

.Five steps to a Facebook cleanse

Five steps to a Facebook cleanse

Five steps to a Facebook cleanse!


In a world consumed with how many likes one receives, we don’t stand a chance.  Do you check your Facebook to add up the amount of fingers that have decided to like or love your picture? With each rising number, does your smile widen? Do you get a rush of joy that the world according to Facebook has noticed you? If you answered yes, you are in dire need of a Facebook cleanse.    Here are your five steps.


.TIC TOC.....

TIC TOC.....

I am a superwoman that has lost her wings.  Flying high on fumes and debris from 1-95 South.  Time is non existent while my to-do list keeps on growing.  I can’t breathe, but no one cares to give me a breath of fresh air, but instead they suck the little air that is left behind by the non existing trees.  Nature no more, nurture no more, lost souls are all around us, leaving footprints that are easily erased.  Follow me, but there is no one leading the way from

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