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Burn baby burn

.Burn baby burn
June 12, 2017

I once heard that a good friend is better than a pocket full of money, maybe it depends on how much money. The bond between sisterhood goes beyond a group of girls dressed up in high heels wearing red lipsticks.  It is a bond of truth, honesty, respect, and hopefully selflessness.  There is an abundance of calm being around girlfriends that offer laughter, truth, and shared hardship.  You see your fight in them, the struggle, insecurities, strength, and passion.  Some friends will be interchangeable like the four seasons, and some will leave you feeling a cold chill similar to the coldest winter ever.  Through time and life’s journey, girlfriends will be subtracted, multiplied, and divided to meet you at your new stage.  Indeed, everyone will not be center stage, but the ones that have stood the test of time, will leave you feeling wrapped in the bosom of a listening ear, and encouraging words.  Hold on to those friends that are priceless that can show up at your front door uninvited to dishes in the sink, and laundry baskets in the living room.  The ones that grab the soap and start doing your dishes, those ones, keep them close…