It’s 7’am on a Monday morning and the kids are moving at the speed of turtles. The day has officially started but you are exhausted from the normal irksome obligations from the day before. You blow off the alarm clock like an ex-boyfriend that can’t seem to get the hint. You walk into the kitchen and see the counters filled with cereal bowls, milk left out from the night before, half-filled water bottles, and a few forgotten dishes.

At last, you are out the door and speeding down the highway towards your children’s school because you are late. You finally arrive safely but are greeted with the infamous parent’s car line. As each parent slowly moves up to the area to let their children off, you start to become frustrated because they are moving at a snail pace, and you have to get to work. As you try and wait patiently as each car creeps up to the area, you start to envision your long to-do list for the day. With each movement of the parent’s cars, your patience starts to test you because your to-do becomes longer and longer, and in your mind, you start believing that this day will become like all the other non-productive days.

When it is finally your turn to let out your children, you quickly tell them to live the best life they can live today and promptly rush away. As you are leaving, you look in the rearview mirror and see your children standing there with a look of disappointment because you never even took the time to kiss them or tell them that you loved them because you were in such a hurry. With regret on your face, you quietly tell yourself something has to change, I have to stop chasing the raindrops.

How does one design their lives for maximum productivity? You can start by creating realistic goals that can become part of your daily routine. By starting slowly and writing out small realistic goals, they are more accessible to achievement. Once you have mastered your small goals, try writing out larger goals. By changing your mindset and staying consistent you will achieve your goal of making each day productive.

I struggle with consistency in most aspects of my life. I tend to have bouts of highs and lows when trying to fine-tune my goals. For the love of God, why does being consistent feels like you’re dancing with the devil? I often wonder if being consistent towards achieving my goals can ever be mastered. I must find a way to sharpen my daily routine to allow more time to stop and smell the roses, even if I have to smell them one by one and alone.

It can be challenging to stop and smell the roses when the aromas of life never slow down. There is always going to be another goal to chase, another problem to solve, and another hurt to mend. When one leaves the sunset to go unwatched and ignore the chirping birds in the morning because social media has silenced them, they have allowed life to control them instead of managing their life. By stopping to spend time marinating in your previous victories and controlling the noises that have taken over your life, you can touch and feel the raindrops of life instead of chasing them.