Five steps to a Facebook cleanse!

In a world consumed with how many likes one receives, we don’t stand a chance. Do you check your Facebook to add up the amount of fingers that have decided to like or love your picture? With each rising number, does your smile widen? Do you get a rush of joy that the world according to Facebook has noticed you? If you answered yes, you are in dire need of a Facebook cleanse. Here are your five steps.

1. Cleanse your heart

Stop posting things that are not true that can be easily verified. Be your true self

2. Clean up your words

Don’t say things on facebook that you would not say to someone’s face or your mother

3. Renew your thoughts

Post something positive for a change, and offer words of encouragement

4. Acceptance

Accept the life you have and your light will shine bright

5. Laugh out loud

Don’t take Facebook so serious, most are not your real friends, stop chat all a yu business