The best relationship to uncover is the relationship with yourself, to truly benefit from life’s gifts and treasures. In life, we tend to look outwards when it comes to blame and accountability for ones actions and lack there of. In todays society, it is easier to blame politics and race relations for our problems that exists on the surface. Decisions that we make are rooted from within our souls, our values, and our self of identity. To truly discover our sense of self, we must go back to the garden where the seed was planted to rediscover the roots, thus identifying the fragile DNA that has been uprooted into creating you.

Throughout our lives, our sense of self will be shaped and tested by the many experiences that life has to offer us. At the core of our healing, is a more whole version of ourselves. Along the way to self discovery, take breaks, enjoy the breeze, because no one makes it out of life alive.