How do you measure success?

Getting that first win for a wide eye entrepreneur can be quite the task. You become consumed with the process, late days and even later nights become your routine. You begin to get excited when you think success is at your fingertips, you can feel the tingly sensation, only to realize that it was a misfire. Man down!

Being an entrepreneur is like being on the battlefield. You have to show up every day with your mind lock and loaded with the will to fight until your last breath, leaving no dreams or passion behind. The difference between Soldiers and entrepreneurs on the battlefield is that the Soldiers that lose the war, is oftentimes not seen as victorious, but an entrepreneur’s failure is their recipe for success.

There will be days, months, and years that your hard work will not bear fruit, but hold on, keep trying, keep working, and eventually, your fruit will bear in all four seasons.

Success has many ingredients that if cooked correctly, can serve up an amazing dish of investments. I have found that consistency and discipline are the key ingredients that should never be left out of any recipe.

Do not wait for others to validate your success. You are the keeper of your destiny, and more importantly, the keeper of your soul. Success is often defined by fame and money, but one should also consider one’s quality of life, as another form of success.

The great Maya Angelou said it best, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

Here is your challenge for this month!

Make time for your dreams, and do one thing that will get you one step closer to your fruit. There is no need to keep your ideas buried in thoughts with no action because there are millions of unfulfilled dreams, passion, and talent buried in the graveyard. Don’t let your dreams die with you!

Xoxo Laura