As an Army veteran, I knew I had to get back to the workforce at some point, but only on my terms.

After 23 years of service, I had no desire to work for another human being, a robot, maybe! But untangling the web of entrepreneurship was like being knee-deep in quicksand, slowly slipping further to my demise. And At the very moment of suffocation, I’m thrown a rope by a shiny-eyed consultant guru with a bite-size monthly fee.

Retiring from the Army after more than two decades was scary, joyful, and rewarding. But how do you say goodbye to a relationship that has taken up half of your lifetime? You and create tangible steps to thrive and survive outside of combat. In figuring out my next chapter, I came upon the idea to start SoldierGirl t-shirt apparel. Who doesn’t want to leave the battlefield and design cool colorful t-shits? I do!

My goal in creating the shirts is to unify women in and out of the military. My mission is also to inspire everyone to live their best lives because, in the end, we are all Soldiers on the battlefield in search of our true destiny.

But how do you build and thrive in a saturated market?

Maybe the slogan, “If you build it, they will come,” only applied to Noah’s Ark and the animals, and not so many entrepreneurs. I’m still working on my formula, changing the ingredients to cook up the desired meal, and maybe they will come.