The life of a writer is similar to the life of an inmate on death row sitting around and watching the clock. You sit around writing your heart out through the jail cell of a pen, hoping for the day when your name or books become a household name. You put in so much time that you hope for an early release of success, followers, or just someone to read the tears that continuously flows from your pen.

Writing is good for the soul and so I write, delete, and repeat. I continue to serve a life sentence with my storyline, my characters, and my vision because no one knows for sure when the complete story has served its time and released into the general population for judgment or praise. A fleeting noise, that is how inspiration can show up in the mind of a writer, far away in the distant cloud are characters and plots that have yet to be united as one, just floating in a dictionary, leaving your mind in a daze of writer’s block.

You listen to songs and watch old movies desperate to find the motivation to untangle the web of letters so you can form it into words. Sounds that you envision through the mouths of your characters that will hopefully turn into a page-turner. If only the page would turn into a book everlasting with tender fingers to turn each page with excitement, unwilling to depart from the captivating plot that came to you through a vision. Until then, I will continue to do time with my pen behind a jail cell.