The best relationship to uncover is the relationship with ourselves, to truly benefit from life’s gifts and treasures. In life, we tend to look outwards for blaming and accountability for one’s actions or lack thereof. In today’s society, it’s easier to blame politics and race relations for the problems beneath the surface. Yet, our decisions are rooted within our souls, values, and sense of identity.

To truly discover me, I had to go back to the garden where the seeds of my existence are planted to hopefully rediscover my roots, thus identifying the fragile fibers uprooted throughout my DNA.

Temporarily, I have been able to lay my burdens down, but only for a moment before I had to pick them back up again—the heaviness of the load wrapped around my shoulders while quietly sliding down my tired back. The relentless pressure grabbed ahold of my tongue, suffocating me and trapping my words.

My sense of self was shaped and tested throughout my life by experiences that life has bestowed upon me. Thus, forcing me to stand upright and take responsibility for my healing and emotions.

I know that at the core of my healing is a complete version of myself. Along the way to my self-discovery, I took breaks, enjoyed the ride, drank water, and hugged the little girl that is now a woman, regardless of her story, because I am who I am.