I am a superwoman that has lost her wings. Flying high on fumes and debris from 1-95 South. Time is non-existent while my to-do list keeps on growing. I can’t breathe, but no one cares to give me a breath of fresh air, but instead, they suck the little air that is left behind by the non-existing trees. Nature no more, nurture no more, lost souls are all around us, leaving footprints that are easily erased. Follow me, but there is no one leading the way from the pack. I trust that my reward is waiting for me at the finish line, where they are all waiting to give me my prize. “Here she comes across the finish line,” my fans shouted. I quickly take my place amidst the cheers. The presenter goes on to say, “Here we have a hard worker, up before dawn, dreaming by night, slave to her children, housekeeper, maid, wife, nurse, doctor, and lastly, a child of God. Take your prize and go back to your world, where time is suffocating, where you continue to be a hostage to the Tic…Toc.”